Organic Hand pound Brown Rice Parboiled

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Organic Hand Pounded - Brown Rice (Parboiled)

Organic rice which is cultivated using natural nutritional input including manures and others instead of chemical fertilizers. With this, the rice is healthy and safe to consume. Our range contains twice fiber, vitamins and minerals in comparison to white milled rice. With high content of fiber, the brown and hand pounded rice is recommended for the control of weight and diabetes, the lowering of plasma cholesterol levels. The rice is also recommended for prevention of breast cancer.

Why Brown rice is more expensive than white rice?

As brown rice requires less processing, don’t assume that it costs less than white rice. Brown rice has a shorter shelf life due to some oil content in the bran layer and hence more resources are required to preserve its quality during storage and transportation. This increases the price of the rice. Moreover, due to the increased demand for white rice it is produced in larger scale, leaving the brown rice as a premium product.

Why Brown rice takes long time for cooking?

Brown rice has a slightly chewy texture and nut like flavor and it takes approximately 40-45 minutes to cook one cup of rice, provided if it is soaked 30 minutes before cooking. The high fiber and the oil content of the bran layers increases the cooking time of brown rice when compared to white rice.

Benefits of eating Aricha Organic Brown rice.

Brown rice is a high fibre diet, which helps in reducing the possibility of heart diseases, avoids abrupt spikes in sugar levels, helps digestion and reduces constipation.

  • It contains essential nutrients like Manganese (88%), selenium (27.3%), magnesium (20.9%), and tryptophan (18.7%) in one cup of rice. Manganese is useful to provide energy and antioxidant protection, while Selenium reduces the risk of colon cancer.
  • The oil in the whole brown rice helps in reducing cholesterol.
  • Eating a serving of brown rice, at least 6 times a week is especially useful for postmenopausal women with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Due to its low Glycemic index and high cereal fiber content, it reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome.
  • The insoluble fibres in Brown rice are helpful for the women to prevent gallstones.
  • Brown rice is the complete source, which has one of the most essential amino acids present in any vegetarian food.
  • Vital vitamin E components and many valuable nutrients are present in brown rice.

Additional benefits of Aricha Organic Brown rice – from practical point of view:

When cooked, brown rice has a slight smell. It is not refined like white rice where all the nutrients layers are removed so it can taste bland. It will feel a bit odd, but take it, it is good for your health.

Two things you will notice with brown rice is – it will force you to mix it with more sambar or dal and more curry to get the taste of food (you were used to earlier). This is good, because it is causing you take more proteins and vegetables that are more healthy. Second, you get satiated more quickly than with white rice – you cannot over eat even if the curry is very tasty! Again a plus point from a heath perspective

Nutritional information table                (nearest decimal) gram per 100g
Energy 356 cal
Protein 8
Carbohydrate 60
Fat 0.64
Dietary fibre 2.50
Total sugar 0.00
Calcium 0.08
Iron 0.03
Magnesium 0.10
Potassium 0.20
Vit B1 Traces
Vit B2 Traces


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